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Lastime Exteriors of Kansas City Get's the Nod from HGTV Star Jennifer Bertrand!

By: Josh Minturn, CEO


This past weekend in Kansas City, Lastime Exteriors of Kansas City's President David Nelan caught an interview with HGTV star Jennifer Bertrand of Paint Over! In addition to the show being a local success, the excitement generated by the brand was acknowledged in the interview you can find here:


During the interview, Jen inquires about the stone coated steel roofing products offered at Lastime Exteriors, and some of it's remarkable features which have made it the roofing replacement choice of millions of Americans ov...

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Metal Roofing is Gaining in Popularity

by: Josh Minturn
CEO of Lastime Exteriors, LLC

There is generally not a lot to get excited about when it comes to your roof. However, homeowners across the country are beginning to better understand the value of a virtually life time roofing system. Lower maintenance costs, lower utilities, and even insurance savings are a few of the benefits, but few compare to the peace of mind homeowners experience knowing this will literally be the last roof they ever need to worry about. Will you be one of the homeowners that gets it?

Check out the link to the story below to learn more...


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Buyer Beware: Storm Chasers, Insurance Games & Warranties

July 7th, 2017
By: Josh Minturn

After a storm, homeowners usually want just one thing; for their home and their life to be back to normal as quickly as possible. But because of this mindset, homeowners are vulnerable to certain predatory practices that can leave your home in disrepair and your wallet flat. Here are 3 things you should think about before signing any contract for storm restoration services.

1. Is this contractor a Storm Chaser?
Storm Chasers are contractors that follow storms around the country setting up temporary shop in a town near you to take advantage of the volume of work available in any single market. Because roofi...

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Mother Nature Provides Diamonds From the Sky!

Check out this news story from McKinney, TX. All I can say is, "Wow!" While the average consumer may view hail as the enemy to a perfectly good roof, a Lastime Exteriors franchisee sees those beautiful hail stones as diamonds from the sky. If you are interested in opening a franchise, North Texas is calling your name. Here is the story...


Storm Damage FAQ's

By Josh Minturn


Severe Weather

Storm Damage FAQ's

Author: Josh Minturn, CEO of Lastime Exteriors, LLC

Each year, those of us living in the hail zone, or tornado alley, can pretty much count on a handful of significant weather events in our area... and it seems our time has finally arrived for those closest to the Lastime Exteriors headquarters. The first major storm of 2017 has hit the Omaha metro.

Now that you have experienced a storm, the question turns to, "What now?" The National Storm Damage Center has some wonderful tips for you to consider when thinking about what to do next. You can check them out here: http://stormdamagecenter.org/storm-damage-faqs.php.

Once you have an idea of what to exp...

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How to Detect Hail Damage of Your Home

4 Signs You May Need to File an Insurance Claim

Hail is among the most destructive force of nature a large majority of us will face. Far more common than tornadoes and hurricanes, hail can prove costly, especially to those of us in the hail belt! In 2016 alone, hail caused billions of dollars of damage resulting in tens of thousands of insurance claims nation wide. We are reminded today after reports of 4"+ hail impacting the Dallas metro, just how much damage hail can do!

Of course when hail strikes, there is no denying the sound. What’s harder to determine is how much damage your roof and home may have taken during the storm. Hail stones smalle...

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Start a Business in 2017!

The Top 10 Reasons to Start a Business in 2017

March 10, 2017
Author: Josh Minturn, Founder & CEO of Lastime Exteriors

Starting a business has never been easier. There are literally thousands of ways a person can step out into the unknown and launch a business of their very own. Yet there are few that do take that risk for disproportionate reward. I'm here to tell you, 2017 could be your year! Here are the Top 10 reasons you should start a business in 2017.

1. Freedom & Independence-
From the dawn of creation, man has had a spirit of freedom and independence deeply engrained into their souls. While working for someone else can at times, and f...

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