Lastime Exteriors: Our Story & The Roofing Revolution

In 1997 brothers Tom, Tony, and Jamie Pflug found themselves at a crossroads. Having worked in traditional roofing for years prior, the industry told them to stick with what worked, but the brothers saw the future of roofing. They decided to break from traditional roofing and build a business in Omaha, NE around a new, innovate product- stone coated steel. And so, Lastime Roofing was born. Stone coated steel roofing, or stone coated metal roofing as it is also known, is an environmentally responsible product that features a LIFETIME non-prorated warranty against the elements including 120mph winds, fire, and up to 2.5" hail strikes!

Over time the team added products to their line including rain water management systems (or gutter and gutter guards to the layman), and energy efficient siding, windows, and doors. Each product is designed with minimal maintenance requirements, longevity, beauty, and strength in mind and installed with great care to create the highest quality exteriors on the market.

Today, Lastime Roofing is Lastime Exteriors and is leading the roofing revolution. Soon we will invite franchisees to be a part of our story, helping us focus on respecting your time so that you can spend it doing the things you love with peace of mind knowing we will take care of the things we love- your roofing, gutters, siding, windows and doors. At Lastime Exteriors, we will help you make Time for Home!

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