Premium Metal Roofing Systems

Metal Roofing Systems To Last A Lifetime

With Lastime Exteriors, you have options, and there are none better than a premium metal roofing system.  In fact, we believe no Home Makeover is complete without our virtually indestructible premium roofing system.  Also known as Stone Coated Steel, this metal roofing system is designed to last you the homeowner a lifetime and features an industry best LIFETIME warranty!  Quiet, strong, and environmentally friendly, this product will give you peace of mind knowing it is the last roof you will ever buy.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Systems
There’s more to the beautiful look and design of a Lastime Exteriors Stone Coated Steel Roof than what meets the eye. Lighter colored steel roofs are designed to reflect the heat of the sun to save you costs on cooling bills during the summer. Also, the roof is constructed with a "dead air" buffer zone between your new and old roof  that helps to insulate against heat loss during the winter. In both cases, a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof is a beautiful way to save on energy bills while also reducing the environmental impact by eliminating,in many cases, the need to tear the old materials off.

How Durable Is A Stone Coated Steel Roof?

A metal roof will literally be the last roof you buy.  Our manufacturers have been producing beautiful Stone Coated Steel panels for over 50 years, and some of those original roofs are still beautifully protecting their original structure. In fact, the photo to the left shows a devastating fire in southern California in which only those homes with a metal roof were spared!  

How Does a Stone Coated Steel Roof Work?

The most energy efficient stone coated steel roofs are fastened to what is known as a batten system.  A batten system is a series of horizontal and vertical wood planks attached to your roof decking, and potentially even through your existing roofing material.  This system produces a roughly two inch gap between the bottom of each stone coated steel panel, and the surface of your roof allowing for superior ventilation which keeps your attic space cooler, while also granting you all of the insulating benefits air provides in the buffer zone between the panel and the roof deck.  Overall, this system produces a 20%, 30%, and even up to 45%* energy savings over traditional roofing materials.

*Claims made according to manufacturer specifications.

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