Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: Metal Myths Unmasked

Is Lightning Attracted to a Metal Roof?

There will be no increase in the likelihood of your home being struck by lightning if you install a metal roof. In fact, if your Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof is struck by lightning, the energy of the strike will safely dissipate throughout the surface of the roof and can then safely exit into the ground. Also, since metal is neither combustible nor flammable, it is an even smarter choice when it comes to severe weather.

Is a Stone Coated Steel Roof a Noisy Roof?

Absolutely Not! In fact, a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof is often a much quieter roof than an asphalt shingle roof. The installation methods used creates a sound and temperature “buffer zone”, a zone of dead air space. Along with our beautiful stone coated surface, even torrential rains striking the surface of the roof will be no louder than the sound of it hitting a heavy wood shake roof.

Is Rust a Problem with a Stone Coated Steel Roof?

Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof panels are constructed of high quality 26 gauge, pre-primed, galvanized steal with an acrylic basecoat. Then, ceramic earth-stone granules are embedded on top of the basecoat. Finally, an over-glaze made of acrylic is applied and baked onto the panels. This method creates panels that are long lasting, durable, and resistant to fading, offering a lifetime of enjoyment.

Is Denting a Problem?

No! Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roofs can stand up to all kinds of weather from hailstones and heavy snow loads to extreme wind conditions, all with no structural or cosmetic damage. This is why we offer weatherproof warranties of 120 mph, a Wind Warranty equal to an F2 tornado, and 2.5 inch Hailstone Warranties.

Standing Up for Durability!

If you hear that metal roofs shouldn’t be walked on, you are not being told about a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof. These roofs feature an interlocking panel design and rugged 26-gauge galvanized steel construction. The installation methods we offer provide for a roof that can be walked on under normal conditions.

When you compare the features and benefits offered by a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof to other roofing materials, you’d realize that there really is no better option. So how can you determine what your investment will amount to? Remember that a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof comes with a lifetime warranty!

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