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About Lastime Exteriors

In an industry that has been largely commoditized, what separates one contractor from another?  What would cause a consumer to buy from one contractor versus the other?  For decades and for most contractors, that answer has largely been PRICE.  This focus on price coupled with a lack of differentiation has created a highly competitive landscape, and an amazing opportunity!  The reality is that nearly every home and business has a roof that will one day need to be replaced, and despite contractors willingness to innovate, the industry has remained one of the best kept blue collar secrets around.


So what happens when a contractor embraces innovation?  What happens when a contractor actually focuses on the consumers' best interests?  Well, Lastime Exteriors is born!  Nearly all products that are pervasively used today were also used 50 years ago, yet in the same 50 years we've seen amazing advancements in technology, right here in our industry.  Roofing materials, like our specialty stone coated steel, are disrupting an industry stuck in the mud and creating huge returns for those that choose to specialize.  For 20 years, Lastime Exteriors has been a local and regional leader in all things premium exterior products, specializing in the installation of Stone Coated Steel roofing materials.  This has allowed Lastime to differentiate, carving out its own niche market targeting high end residential and commercial customers.  It has allowed Lastime to build a highly profitable local business built on innovation, brand, quality, and profitability- but in the true sense of those words.

And now, Lastime Exteriors is expanding its story and is seeking entrepreneurs like you who desire financial independence, the freedom to manage your own schedule and control your own destiny, and an opportunity to startup a new business with the help of trained professionals to create the lifestyle you have always wanted. 

Why Lastime Exteriors?

Service Offerings = Core Human Need-
Just like food and water, the services Lastime Exteriors offers will always be considered a core human need. In today's society, every person and every business desires a fully functioning roof over their head, siding, windows and doors protecting them from the elements, and gutters moving water away from their property. These "must haves" create enormous opportunity and have generated over $46B in revenue for companies servicing this need.

Low Initial Investment/Low Overhead-
The investment into your own future has never been easier with Lastime Exteriors. The business requires no employees to launch, and the startup can operate right out of your home office.  Financing options make it easier than ever before to become the entrepreneur you want to be. Our Quick Start Program will help you launch your business working a plan designed to generate cash.  Keep costs low by leveraging our technology, buying power on products, and two decades of industry experience.

Superior Products-
While most of the industry is stuck offering the products of yesterday, Lastime Exteriors has adopted products that appeal to high end consumers; products that feature lifetime warranties against hail, wind, and fire yet are beautifully designed and add to the architectural value of the property. These products unlock the power of the industry by creating larger sales for you the contractor. Moreover, the products promoted at Lastime Exteriors are environmentally friendly, with many proudly displaying an Energy Star rating.

Systems Create Results-
The bottom line in any investment is return on that investment (ROI).  At Lastime Exteriors we believe we've been called to be stewards of your investment, and as a result, we've developed a plan for you to reach your potential.  That plan combines systems for marketing, selling, ordering product, managing crews, generating referrals, and operating your business profitably with technology and a brand we have developed over our 20 years in business... and its all yours! 

Take The Next Steps Toward Your Future
If you are curious and would like to know more about how you can take control of your future, we invite you to open the door to Discovery today.  We know you have a goal, and we have a plan!   Simply complete the quick form below to begin the process of becoming the business owner you are meant to be with Lastime Exteriors!